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    None of your whys!

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    • 英文選擇題..none , no one

      ... the context of the sentence, you can sense that it is about... using "none" in the sentence, it can give a feeling of doubt whether it is about.... This is why it is NOT the...

    • Home come and Why

      ...問你一個問題,而你不想回答時可以說 "How come?" 相當於 "Why do you ask that?" 也就是說 "It's none of your business! " 另外兩者用法也不同 「How come you didn't call...

    • 幫我翻一句英文 謝謝

      ...錢!(這是雙重否定的翻法) 翻的漂亮一點: 你昨天為何給我錢? 第二句: Why did you give me none of money yesterday? 這句顯然是沒有拿到錢,所以可翻譯成: 你昨天為何沒有給我...