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    • 無,不關緊要之事,零毫不,決不
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    • nothing but替代字

      nothing but beauty = nothing besides beauty = nothing apart from beauty = nothing in addition to beauty nothing but happy (X) nothing but happiness (O) nothing...

    • nothing more”有單獨用法?20點

      nothing more 單獨就有意思但不會單獨使用。最少也會再配上 nothing less 但意思很接近 nothing more, nothing less (帶有平凡...件事就是這樣"﹐比較沒有主觀或深入的看法。接近 nothing more, nothing less. He was a criminal. ...

    • nothing翻譯成中文是神麼?

      1. 無物1無事,無 I saw nothing there. 2. 無關緊要之事 That is nothing. It's nothing...nothing Oriole,那就是表示Oriole 得5分,對方零分。所以nothing 的用途很多。