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    • latch這個單字該怎麼翻

      latch 在這裡應該相當於 latch on 也就是口語裡面常講的 sucking, 意思就是吸吮(乳汁) 請參考下面這段文章 The first step to a proper latch on is getting baby to open WIDE! Brush baby's lips with your nipple to encourage him...

    • 英文好的人幫我回答一下

      1. C; because it maintioned about finishing the job in less than an hour 2. B; they were late, because of traffic. 3. D; Smaples have been taken from patients. 4. A 5. C; When you book your ticket, the travel agent or...

    • 協助英文文法修改

      ... verified by Chinese Traditional and western practitioners, physician and nursing experts, total 6 person. Recorded content includes: ...