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    • 二樓的房間
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    • 這篇小新聞幫我中翻英 有關自殺的

      First pair of India young rush by the rail, so Joe first of Delhi is drive away...son on the ship, but saved in pairs in the central diving of river...

    • one 和ones的用法

      ...的誤解) 2. Tony buys a pair of shoes. I want to have ones/a pair, too. (這裡ones不會產生多雙的誤解, 因為後面有個too) them錯誤因為...

    • 門市銷售的英語對話[20點] this section are 6 pairs for a hundred, one pair for twenty-five. Towels in this section are...039;t have any more in stocks. Do you have one size smeller (one size bigger)? Do you have similar...