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  1. Ordinary level


    • ph.
      = O level
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    • 請問mediocre和intermediate在用法上

      (1) Mediocre (adj.) = of only ordinary or moderate quality; neither good nor bad; barely adequate, about average... to an intermediate school. 中級的 Used to describe level of proficiency, level of class. 用來詮釋熟練等級, 班級等級...

    • 請問有英文高手嗎?麻煩中翻英!

      I was born Yu ordinary family, home in the ranked second, parents... Jinshan high school, although no among but keep level in the Shang, in school after school during, has participation...

    • 請幫我將以下段落翻成英文

      ...corner iron is Cheng Kezhong the base frame, namely is ordinary so-called "the bee artillery nest", divides the round number level, respectively spreads out the wire netting, then tens of ...