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    • 英文翻譯-網頁的排版很混亂

      ...的排版很混亂,選項排列沒有邏輯性,操作不便利. The confusing page layout and the illogically arranged options have made the web page difficult...

    • 如何排版?舉例如下

      ...see there are 4 corner on the word page? click on it and enlarge it. when the page layout is bigger, they have more space to be in the same sentense.

    • ray out

      ...版面設計,版面編排[C][U] The book designer will have to redo the page layouts. 書籍設計者得重新編排版面。 陳列;陳列物[U][C] 規劃圖,佈局...