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    • 幫我翻譯一下手術記錄

      ...組織藉以游離大血管然後進行結紮. 6. Finally, the partial S4 subsegmentectomy was carried out. 最...raw surface of the liver was checked in detail to prevent from bleeding and bile leakage. 詳細檢查肝臟...

    • 不太了解棒球和賽車的英文, 能幫忙翻譯嗎?謝謝!

      ... Racing at the end of this season to drive a partial Cup schedule for MB2 Motorsports... that he not be identified because all details of the deal have not been finalized. 2006...

    • 翻譯成英文 拜託了 得獎經歷...22點

      ...prize the experience 2003~2004 school anniversary art exhibition partial subjects won an award in 2004 bamboo moat art... a hall building to attend to every detail the pneumatics to unite the exhibition 2005 Hsinchu ...