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    Persistent Connection

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    • 問英文形容詞問題

      ... increase one's will (毅力), so choosing "persistent" doesn't make sense. 2013-12-24 02:57:40 補充: ...a newer one, so theoretically, it will have less problem with connection to the Internet.

    • 請高手幫忙翻這一小篇英文^^(商)

      ...損失已經下降幾百萬美元。 來源︰F. Hansen, “The CFO Connection, “Workforce Management,2003年7月,頁 50-54 問題 1.哪項...

    • 麻煩英文達人幫我解題~~只有2天.贈20點

      ... with obesity, arteriosclerosis, or kidney disorders. (A) persistent 10. The purpose of the campaign is to dispel the ___ that AIDS...