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    • prefer to的文法及句子翻譯對錯

      We should prefer rewrites after digesting...literally into Chinese, we should prefer to rewrite it after digesting ...子句中的動詞一般須用假設語氣;但當prefer前面有should或would時,其後子句的謂語動詞...

    • prefer to之用法的記法

      ... a lot of money. 所以要把[to]和[V]看成一組, 不要把[to]和[prefer]看成一組. 不過兩者有一個很大的差別: [to V]不能放在介系詞後面當...

    • rather 以及 prefer

      ...they connect with verb: would rather + V: I would rather work alone (would) prefer + to V : I would prefer to work alone If you want to use negative...