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    Prime Height

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    • 什麼是 He found out that 20 ? the prime of life. =>他正在人生的黃金/全盛時期. (prime: the best part of life; 人生的精華時期) 170. He was a big man in more ways than just height. =>不只是身高,他在各方面都是個大人了. (big通常...

    • 短篇文章中翻英 20點..急

      ...高的飯店。 Burj Al-Arab, the prime restaurant with the highest price on this world. ... this restaurant with 56 floors and height of 321 meters, it has a boat-likely appearance...

    • the age of chin

      ... onto successive dynasties. At the height of its power, the Qin Dynasty ...alive when Li Si (Li Szu), leftside prime minister, had won favor over Chunyu...