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    • 幫我看英文句子文法

      ...但我如可以做得很好,當然也是a real tour guide ,因此 real 改為 professional, a professional tour guide 職業的導遊會使意思更清楚,我想這才是你真正的意思。 in years...

    • 請求英文達人 我需要翻譯成英文

      ... department studying , learning a lot about the hospitality industry professional guides and exam subjects also leader of the license, to spend very fulfilling...

    • 一則廣告 中翻英 幫翻譯

      ...能夠讓我們出遊不再迷路,還能夠顯示出附近有哪些景點。 It is a professional tour guide, not only preventing people from going astray, but also navigating...