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    • 這是我的演講稿,可以幫我翻成英文嗎??不要用翻譯機=○=

      ... News too, she was the Taiwanese queen - A's sister. She, in order to finish father's hope, she ...anything can not be done! A sister she take the champion to smoothly too. Perhaps it is her spirit...

    • 有關畢業相關英文句子

      ...- Graduation Day Queen-- We are the Champions R. Kelly-- I Believe... Wish REM-- It's the End of the World as We...

    • 急!!求幫翻譯文章 贈20點

      ... team at her 15 and joined the world champion game, breaking the world record with numerous gold butterfly-stroke. She got a driver's license at her 19. She liked trip...individual meeting given by the Swedish Queen. She issued totally 8 album CDs ...