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  1. Red Crescent


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    • 幫我找出這篇文章裡的片語ˇˇ

      caused by 由....所引起 at least 至少 so far 到目前為止 cut off 切斷 斷絕 a total of 總數 合計 be affected by 受到...的影響 be washed away 被(水)沖走

    • 幫我翻譯幾個句子贈10點

      ...banana Hints: 1. shaped like a crescent moon (crescent moon是新月) 2. outward appearance is yellow 3. it&rsquo...: apple Hints: 1. tastes crispy 2. red in color 3. Snow White Answer: lemon...

    • 急急.文章翻譯成英文

      ....The second single''CRESCENT MOON''limitary 100 thouand pieces...that Mika Nakashima sung it in Red-White contest in 2004 and 2005.Taiwanese...