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    • 英文文法結構修改!!謝謝

      ...sweep and wipe all floor,tables and every furniture. Eventually, move and restore all furniture to a place that's used to store furnitures, and that will...

    • 可以幫我翻意以下的英文嗎?感謝您

      ...power cable wasn’t removed. The cable must be removed and all cableways,stuffing tubes,and cable transits restored. Work is scheduled to commence at 1900 tomorrow 在最後(上...

    • 幫翻譯 [20點] 急 求英文高手

      如果三年前我們不認識,那將會是好的.所有的事都不會發生 真的希望所有的事都能回復到過去 if we have not meet each other 3 years before, it would be fine, every thing would not happened, i really wish the time could go back...... i just try....i do not really sure that it is correct....