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  1. 有機飲食

    • zhuyin[ㄧㄡˇㄐㄧㄧㄣˇㄕˊ]
    • pinyin[youjiyinshi]
    • organic diet (a nutritious soup made from vegetables, fruit, mixed nuts, natural lecithin, brewer's yeast, wheat berries and seaweed added to a base of fruit juice and Rejuvelac)
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    • 英文題目(翻中文)10點~~

      ...sandwich 刈包 rice- meat dumpling 肉粽 green bean noodles 冬粉 seaweed soup 海帶湯 tofu pudding 豆花 spring roll 春捲 oyster...

    • 中菜的中英對照表?

      ... & vegetable soup 蛤蜊湯 Clams soup 牡犡湯 Oyster soup 紫菜湯 Seaweed soup 酸辣湯 Sweet & sour soup 餛飩湯 Wonton soup 豬腸湯 Pork...

    • 英文翻中文

      ... sandwich 刈包 2.rice-meat dumpling 肉丸 bean noodles 冬粉 4.seaweed soup 紫菜湯 5.tofu pudding 豆花 6.spring roll 春捲 7.oyster omelet 蚵阿煎 8.eight...