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    • 幫我訂正英文 part 3

      See => for correction. I also make some corrections for sentences to flow better besides... showed that Chinese men, who did not want Chinese women binding their feet, studied abroad and received Western education, such as Kang...

    • 有關母親節的英文詩翻譯

      ...我的所有東西, I can return but love. 我只能以愛回報妳。 For you bound up the wounds I did not see 妳包紮了我心靈的傷口, And gave me hopes and...

    • 請問,一個句子的意思..?請解答意義

      ...整句的意思大概是: 如果一位黑人男性沒有受到白人尊重的權利,那黑人女性呢? bound這邊指的是義務 bound to respect 指的是尊重的義務 一般來說 女性會比...