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  1. Seven Sisters


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      七姊妹(世界七大石油公司:BP, Exxon, Gulf, Mobil, Royal Dutch Shell, Standard Oil of California和Texaco)
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    • 關於ones用法

      ...歸屬性, 你的sisters並不是別人的sisters. 如果先說了I have seven sisters, 就不可用there are來作描述, 而要用them或who/whom: I have...

    • 七夕翻成英文~急~20點

      ... (牛郎, "the cowherd", the star Altair) happens across seven fairy sisters bathing in a lake. Encouraged by his mischievous companion the...

    • translate有關七夕名稱into English

      ... Festival to Plead for Skills 乞巧節 The Seventh Sister's Birthday 七姐誕 The Night of Skills...