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    • 英翻中-維護古蹟的英文-VV-4-急

      ...訓練計畫超過400 traditional construction skills – this led to a training program with today more than 400 參加... the day-to-day management of the building rehabilitation work, as 好至於大部分...

    • 請幫我翻譯這一段英文,謝謝

      train out 和 train into 常見於訓練狗狗的文章中 train out 是透過訓練改掉...的習慣,train into 是透過訓練養成...的習慣 你無法改掉人天生的本能反應,不過你卻能將這些自然傾向訓練成有用的技巧。

    • 應徵飯店櫃檯的英文自傳要怎麼寫? experience, not only helped advanced my professional knowledge and skills, but also trained me to become more meticulous at every job I do. I am very...