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    Spacing adjustment

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    • 可不可以幫我把下面的中文翻做英文

      ...can try on right now on the deliver day. If there is still space for adjustment, the designers will give you useful suggestions personally...

    • 急~~ 請求英文高手幫我翻譯 (中翻英)

      ...also upgrade many, as customer orders of changes, warehousing space also needed regular of adjustment, for system orders material occupy of space larger and test reporting...

    • 請幫我翻譯這一段~~急 20點

      "只有一千八百萬的人生活在澳洲這一大片土地上",她說,"比起超過單是一個美國麻薩諸塞州就有超過六百萬人口,我們不像你在波士頓的生活那般擁擠,那是一種對空間全然不同的感覺。" 對Blackmore來說有個緊迫的問題,那就是對生活步調很快的美國做一個...