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    Special Stamp Duty

    • ph.
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    • (急)請幫忙翻譯成英文!請幫忙翻譯成英文!

      ... coupon/certificate needs to be validated by the company with a special seal/stamp. 2.本券如有遺失、毀損,恕不補發;本券經毀損至無法辨識、塗改或影印者...

    • 問副詞子句改???~~(((><川))) 4)She want to go to the post office to buy some stamps. 5)They checked the manuscript carefully to find... old age. 7)He's taking a special course to become a real estate broker. 8)She put up...

    • t 發音起來像是 d 的單字

      ...s 後面的無聲子音 t (或 p )會發 d (或 b)的音 譬如: stand, stop, spade, spell, special, stupid, stage, stamp, station....... 都是 你的例子中 butter,water 均發 t 的音喔 字典中有很多喔...