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    • NFL 傳奇人物 Joe Namath

      Super Bowl 3 : 美式足球超級盃 第三屆 Joe Namath... known for many things: his Super Bowl 3 guarantee, his Hall of Fame career as...

    • BOWL can not be found 奇摩字典 chinese is 盃 for example , Rose Bowl is 玫瑰盃 , Super Bowl is 超級盃 Bowl could also translate as 碗 (sounds like the...

    • 請問這段英文該如何翻成中文呢???

      Shannon 的丹佛野馬做到到二個連續的超級盃決賽,然後他嬴得了如巴爾的摩大烏鴉的一個成員的一個第三個超級盃決賽。