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  1. T formation


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    • Education has for its object t

      ...會更清楚他為何這樣用~ Education has, for its object, the formation of character Education has = 教育有 for its objext = 他...

    • 關於胸部x光的翻譯 急

      ...無心臟肥大 Fracture of greater tuberosity of left humerus with callus formation.左肱骨大粗隆處骨折合併骨痂形成 DJD(degenerate joint disorder) change of lower T-spine 下位胸椎有退化性關節炎病變 Osteoporotic change of the visible bony...

    • 英文語法修改

      ... treatment, the plasma reaction is dominated by the formation of active radicals and oxidation states.(,) T(t)hus, surface free energy of the polar component (of surface free energy) ...