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    • 1. 台北魅力展(TIS) Taipei IN Style is scheduled to kick off at a cultural park in downtown Taipei on Nov. 12. 「台北魅力展」擬11月12日在台北市區文化創意園區正式登場。
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    • 中翻英 – 為某展會「暖身」

      hrat up / warm up 都可‧ 2013-06-09 19:16:07 補充: heat up or warm up.

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      ...and drive economic and urban development around Taipei, as well as enhance the image of our city in the international community. Featuring..., each with its own unique style, spread across an area of 91.8 hectares...

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      ... and Taipei101 are all good places to visit while in Taipei. 士林夜市還有台北101都是在台北市時可以拜訪的景點。 2.Starbucks...