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    • full of跟fill with都是充滿~那用法也ㄧ樣嗎? full of 是充滿,本來就是滿滿的狀態 ex: The room was full of people. 這個房間充滿著人 ◎ filled with...填補(牙齒等) Wreckage filled the channel. 沈船堵塞了航道。 vi. 1. 被充滿;鼓脹...

    • 英文單字FULL單字等問題?

      ...形容詞滿的; 充滿的[(+of)]The room was full of people. 室內擠滿了人。吃飽的...][(+of)]The fall of the river here is three feet. 這裡...the S]The people did not cease to resist...

    • 請問一個英文單字的意思和用法

      to be full of full = 滿 的 充滿...的 Ex:The room is full of young people. 房間裡全是年輕人。 希望能有回答你的問題