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    The weather is warm and sunny here

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    • 英文問題英文解答及翻譯

      ...可以看到整個公園。 It really is (3) relaxing_! 真是令人放鬆! The weather here is (4) _fantastic _-it’s warm and sunny, with clear blue skies every day. 這裡的天氣非常好-每天都是溫暖晴朗...

    • 幫我翻譯文章 英文翻中文

      ...之中有一位舞者是來自台灣的阿美族的唷,你知道 阿美族嗎?Otherwise, the weather here is rather nice, it's warm and sunny. Yesterday was rainy. I played tennis with a friend yesterday...

    • 可以幫我看看文法有沒有錯誤

      ... day is warm, sunny, and great. How was it there? F: It... this morning. The weather is coming . T here will be lots of strong...