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  1. 你是不是要查

    There is no saying.
  1. PyDict

    There is no say ng.

    • ph.
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    • 英文名字的困擾

      There is really no rules that says what can be a name or not. There and will look to you to help them .. There is no way Western people could look at ...

    • 誰有英文故事[這禮拜就要]

      ...make trouble for candies! ! Please give we candy eat! The princess says: There are no candies! ,4 children are distracted after hearing...

    • 問 now that 的一個句子文法

      How about this sentece: Now that he has seen it, there is no more to be said. 現在他親眼目睹此一事件, 那就沒啥好說了 (here, THAT can be ...