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    These shoes are worn-out

    • ph.
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    • 請麻煩各位英文高手來解答

      ...been sick for a month,but now she is getting better... it take you to figure out the answer to the math problem....When I wear out these shoes , I'll have to buy...

    • 關於中翻英的 鞋子特色相關對話

      Wow! These shoes are so light and comfortable! And they feel so... look great! I can't wait to wear them during my work out! Do you think they should be improved...

    • 請幫我翻譯這首歌--New Shoes

      在寒冷的星期二醒來 我看起來很累也感覺有點生病 我感覺我一天裡的生命好像失去了一些東西 所以我盡快的打開衣櫥 拖出一些看起來很乾淨的牛仔褲和一件T恤 加上一雙舊的鞋 那雙鞋的接合處已破裂 我想這雙鞋再也不適合我了 合唱: 嘿,我把一雙新鞋穿上 然後突然間每...