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    This is a complicated problem

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    • 英文common errors 20點

      ...that it’s faulty. 38. This is a very complicated problem. 39. They will contact... today. He is on holiday. 72. We have to do a lot of homework every week...

    • 英文形容詞問題

      ...動詞後面不能用much,所以答案只剩下B了 第二和你能自己想嗎? 第三題: A: a 後面當然不能用very B:much too 本來就用法錯誤 D:too much 後來...

    • This one deserves a 'wow.'

      .... If I am wrong, please feel free to correct me. To read a long and complicated sentence, you can start with the core of the sentence. In this example, you can simply read only...