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    This pencil is longer than that one

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    • 英文的比較級和最高級~~

      ... brother. 3. This pencil is much shorter than the other one. 4. Don't you think that puppy is ...summer vacation was longer than this year's...

    • 請幫我 海綿寶寶某集的英語台詞

      ...2009-02-19 19:57:25 補充: So long, pesky particles. I swallowed one! I'm choking…. Water! Water! That was a close one. Gary: Maooo...

    • 關於一個4分鐘短片的英文心得

      ...of ... you know, all of this is what chapter one is always's usually the one that I.. The...certain thing either a pencil or a pen and then nothing worse than having that moment...