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    • the same question <=能幫我翻譯麼

      ...a year ago.這就是她一年前穿的那條裙子。(通常與the連用)同樣的[B]Those shirts are all the same size.那幾件襯衫都一樣大小。(與指示代名詞連用)上述的The accident ...

    • 有問題要跟ebay賣方溝通,急需英文翻譯!

      ..., (1) Are those 3 items still... for the shipping ... charge is wrong then go to (3...would like to have all 3 T-shirts in black and S size.

    • 三種類的英文片語 and there; in and out; once and for all; here and now; on and off; inside and out...; short and fat; jacket and shirt, development and refinement; 2011-12-04 13...simple; fame and fortune; crime and violence; size and scope; taste and texture; once and future...