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    • 這些英文名的國家中文是哪些呢?

      UA UKRAINE 烏克蘭 (原蘇聯西南部一共和國,1991年8月宣佈獨立,現為獨立國協之一員) ...

    • 請問以下兩處怎麼翻譯比較流暢123

      ... taking aid to conflict-hit east Ukraine have started a second day of their...could use the convoy as a pretext for military action in Ukraine 這一整句修飾 fears. 5. conflict-hit 是由 which...

    • 什麼是wubble-u's?

      ... into those wubble-u's, I should think maybe Eastern Ukraine. → 聽你說"wubble-u's"時特別的咬字,我會猜東烏克蘭。