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  1. Underground Railroad

    • ph.
      (in the US) a secret network for helping slaves escape from the South to the North and Canada in the years before the American Civil War.
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    • 英文(答案有誤嗎)

      (1)The Underground Railroad was neither underground nor a railroad. (4) Instead...途中受到人們用隱密的法子之幫助,也把第一句的”Underground Railroad”意思交待清楚了

    • as身為;擔任 用法的問題 escaped slave, led more than three hundred slaves to freedom on the Underground Railroad. 2) Harriet Tubman, who was an escaped slave, led...

    • 對英文密碼'kiu kiux klan'有研究的人救我

      ...補充: Yes, you say k like the "k" in K字.The "underground railroad" was before the civil war. Underground railroad was in the...