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  1. Upper House


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    「n. 上議院」的反義字

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    • 請問 in a sense of drift 是什麼意思

      ...down March 19. Earlier this week, the opposition-controlled upper house of parliament shot down the government's proposed candidate, Toshiro...

    • fixer-upper 是什麼意思??

      It is things (usually is house or real estate propert) that still holds some value, but badly need some fixing in order to put to use again.通常是fixer-upper指"舊到需要修理後才能再住人的問題房子" 圖片參考:http://img.timeinc...

    • 請問一些電子零件的名稱(英翻中)

      螺桿 00-90線切割 房屋上 房屋下 滑動開關蓋 螺桿 - 房屋大會 標籤光伏 - ZenFrame ZenFrame眼鏡總成 說明書 ㄏ 很簡單喔喔喔喔