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    • 生理褲的英文怎麼說

      1)生理褲: Sorry, 美國沒這種東西 2) 支氣管炎 Bronchitis 3) 行照 (vehicle) registration 4) 強制責任險 (Basic ) Liability insurance

    • 道路救援的英文

      ...駕照: "driver's license" 車牌: "license plate" 或 "vehicle registration plate" 車子出問題,像是拋錨、沒電等等任何相關問題: "car trouble"...

    • [ 英文 ]麻煩高手幫我中翻英...

      ...very convenient, but not everyone has the money to pay for the cost of gas and vehicle registration fees. This will cause inconvenience for the rest of us! We...