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    • 品牌名稱
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    • 這可不可以翻成英文 Coke versus Pepsi

      ...about how top brands to compete in the market. For example, Coke versus Pepsi ; Nike versus Reebok ; Nintendo versus ...

    • 請問Red states versus Blue state

      red state指美國本土在總統大選時 比較傾向投給共和黨的州 換句話說 blue state就是傾向於投給民主黨的州 versus就是英文縮寫v.s 因此整句話的意思就是共和黨大州對上民主黨大州之爭 通常總統大選時這個字眼會很常看到

    • 想問vs.的用法...

      Versus –preposition 1. against (used esp. to indicate an action brought by one... teams or players in a sports contest): Smith versus Jones; Army versus Navy. 2. as compared to or as...