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    • 紐約州與紐約市的槍枝法規 Gun control in NY

      Sir, your question is very vague. It would be much easier for us to... of Licenses. . . . A license for a pistol or revolver . . . shall be issued to (a) have and possess...

    • 翻譯中文為英文 贈二十點

      ...subsequently became the band The Sex Pistols manager Malcolm McLaren. 1971, Malcolm...young people, Even Saturn logo are a very lovely idea. 2007-07-15 08:39:18 補充: 貼不完 去...

    • 幫忙翻譯英文作業內容

      他是寂靜的文字他自己的音樂當然並且大家聽見它驚奇了。其它著名作曲家告訴Joseph Haydn 對Wolfgang!|s father?Leopold 說: !?I 必須告訴您在上帝之前和因為一誠實的man?that 您的兒子是最了不起的作曲家我曾經聽見了of.!| 從thirteen...