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    • 查醫護單字

      ...urinary organs : urogenital. duty n. 義務,責任,職務 R1 VS Visiting staff(主治醫師) CR n. (化)鉻 NSP/CNS 醫師助理/...>...

    • 詢問接待人員的英文

      ...的人寫的~ 較為妥當的寫法為: We would like to have our TW staff visiting UK office to introduce everyone to one another. We plan to visit the office...

    • 可以幫我看一下這個英文段落,有沒有什麼不適合的地方嗎

      ...very interested in the organization of welfare of the staff, such as biking and yoga. 整篇: x company... expanded all over the world. I have visited the company's website and found out that it ...