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  1. Wall Street


    • ph.
      a street at the south end of Manhattan, where the New York Stock Exchange and other leading American financial institutions are located.;used allusively to refer to the American money market or financial interests.
    • noun: Wall Street

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    • 》徵求高手《 能幫我翻譯+檢查、指導一下文法嗎?謝!!

      1》Although Wall Street is famous, few people know how the name...可放句首 2》 The name “Wall Street” originated from the wooden wall...

    • 英文翻譯 (Wall street)

      A。 俚語字典理 re-up: 1. To enlist again for military service. 2. To sign a renewed contract for employment or service. 所以是“又加入”的意思 One can only marvel at investors who lose tens or hundreds of millions of...

    • the wall street jounal asia

      可以在網上訂, 用信用卡付款, 或寄帳單給你. 雖然是報導亞洲財經新聞, 不過這是英文報喔.