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    We lifted weights
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    We lifted wights

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    • [中譯英]如果我瘦下來…

      ...weights/778265 Women will get bulky if they lift weights?!?!

    • 請幫我改一下這篇英文對話~

      ...usually do? paul: well, i usaully do jogging and weight-lifting. marie: wow! how often do you do that? paul: i exercise...exercise. i guess i'm a real couch potato! paul: then i guess we should exercise together next time! 我覺得你用couch potato...

    • 英文期中考 幫解答 要百分之百正確!

      ... to work. (b)i play tennis. you lift weights? (a)no kidding. (b)no way. 3.does...7.they gave the old jackets to us. They gave (them) to us...