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    • 重,重量,體重,砝碼,重擔,重大,影響,力量,勢力加重量於,壓迫,使加權
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    • weight用法

      "Weight" can be used as a noun or a verb. As a verb, adding "...noun, let me give you a few examples: Please indicate height and weight on the form. My weight is 150 pounds. The boat is...

    • dead weight和living weight有何差異?

      living weight 是指 整隻生物的重量 dead weight 是指 整隻生物的乾重...生物量 生物量 - 整隻生物的重量 或是 整隻生物的乾重 the living or dead weight of organic matter in a tree, stand, or forest in units such as living or...

    • mass and weight

      ... everyday usage, the Mass is an often taken to mean weight, but in scientific use, they refer to different properties. 在物理, 質量通常...