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    What's your first name

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    • 可以幫我翻譯一下麼

      1.What's your first name? 你的名字是什麼? ※first:第一個 ※name:名字...是中間名 托特就是last name,是姓氏 2. What's your telephone number? 你的電話號碼是? ※telephon:電話...

    • (急)英文口試對話。

      1. What's your first name and last name? 你叫什麼(First two two one two three two three four five 4. Whats your marital status? 你現在的婚姻狀況是什麼? ...

    • 英文 演戲! Man:Who cares? (to the girl)Excuse me. What's your first name? Girl:Oh! you are so well-mannered! I almost can guess your...