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    What did you like best about the movie

    • ph.
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    • 可以幫我翻譯這兩句英文嗎?

      1. 你最喜歡這部電影的哪裡(什麼地方)? 2. 你最不喜歡這部點影的哪裡(什麼地方)? 過去式是因為電影已經看完了你才會問他這樣的問題... best 是最棒的意思 least 是最少的意思

    • 30個關於自己的事?急(英文口說用 )

      1. What is your hobby? 2... about your...sort of music do you like to hear you like best? 6. visit in the future? 8. Do...about the movie you watch recently...

    • 用英文回答你喜歡哪種電影

      What kind of movies do you like? Movies are great about the foreign movies in your country It's best for people to study English, . if they are frequent to go and see there...