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  1. What price ...

    • ph.
      (用於嘲笑失敗)多麼不值; 有什麼用;... 的可能性如何
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    • 1. (用於嘲笑失敗)多麼不值; 有什麼用 What price peaceful protest now? 現在搞和平抗議有個屁用! What price all your promises now? 你現在所答應的話又有什麼用呢?
    • 2. ... 的可能性如何 What price he'll offer to pay the fine for us? 他有可能為我們支付罰金嗎?
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    • how much?what price?

      ...用 what 當一問句的句首時,後面的東西就非常明確. What are the prices? What is the price? What are the numbers? What ...

    • 英文的price

      ...只鑽戒的價格是多少?3.What's the price of this one? 這一個要多少錢?4.What price are you asking? 你要什麼價錢?l代價1. A life of toil ...

    • Read the email 回答問題

      ... would you respond to the request above? 問題: 你會如何回答上面的要求? 12. What price should you ask for per pair of slippers if you want a bonus? 問題: 你應該...