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  1. Wilderness Road

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      a historic route, opened by Daniel Boone in the 1770s and used until the 1840s, that allowed western migration through the Allegheny Mountains by way of the Cumberland Gap between Tennessee and Kentucky.
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      ... not many people and houses around, so the road looks bleak and sparse with houses. It... on I-40, you are driving into wilderness or desolation. - We continued to drive ...

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      我和沃爾特叔叔進入荒野 我發現了荒野 學習吸所有的經驗 經過搖籃的酒吧見到世界 野性人受祝福的我由於周遊的心 為終極的知識顯示方法 我去在全世界,超過荒野 發現來自一片大海的我的家支撐 旅客,心臟地區 什麼如果我只有 另外一個夜晚住 家是在哪裡方式是 我的道路...