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    • a question about backpacking

      ...board with a map and some warning or information signs, but many hike-in ... of ground without scrub or underbrush. In...they please.In some places, backpackers have...

    • 請大大幫幫我我快被當了~這些翻譯不要用翻譯軟體翻拜託

      發生飛行加快做對直升機的因為它不預期的維修人員的工作。它已經決定下垂檯子和肥大螺母會畫的同一天。它似乎,一個的日程更改的維修人員的工作方法未啟用是意識到飛機的適航狀態的招聘職位後的時間。 很可能是飛行員不知道肥大螺母已被刪除。鑒於沒有可見的警告設備被放置在...

    • 修改英文作文,有關Altruism

      ...other words, when the meerkat alarms a signal to warn its companions, it could run swiftly to shelter... beforehand and u would find things fit nicely in place, that is it would be a more coherent read. u dont hav a...