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    World Kindness Day

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    • 請英文高手幫忙,2分鐘的口頭報告!

      ...movement well-known throughout the world, have accomplished this style...movement great work at all. West kindness of person who visits FBI...the tower decorations of dog days, ' the edge of net of justice ') ...

    • 急 !!! 中翻英!!請幫忙翻譯英文自傳

      ... sincerely hope that we could repay their kindness one day, and I hope I could follow their... a common global language. I love to observe the world around me, learning the obscure truths...

    • 英文諺語[急需]

      ... your teacher for one day, you treat him like a father for...買寸光陰。 All the gold in the world cannot buy a minute of precious...一人開井,萬人飲水。 The kindness in drilling one well quenches...