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    World Vegetarian Day

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    • 各位大大 請幫我改改我的文法吧!!part.3

      ... body. For example, people eat carrots and potatoes every day, it can reduce the possibility from getting cancer . If all people are Vegetarians in the world, many kind of animals will vanish. We will not have air pollution problem...

    • 英文翻譯 , 急 !!! 20 點 !

      ... Seventh Day Adventists church men...肉食者lighter weight than vegetarians. Meat than vegetable protein... the Second World War, the Nordic people...

    • 英文題目 求解...!! 謝謝!!~

      ...people than any other wild animal in the world! Their teeth are...worry since hippos are vegetarians and only attack when they are...hippopotamus spends most of the day sleeping in the mud. ...