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  1. X-ray radiation

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    • 關於x-ray diffraction的兩段翻譯

      將三個不織布捲成桶狀樣本,另外從起始件的PCL剪下一片薄的碟型片,再將三個不織布捲及碟型片放置顯影板上,以X-ray 折射(光譜機)掃描。 大概是這樣

    • 幾句中文翻英文~幫忙看對不對(有自己翻了)

      ...confirm the detailed specification. Please provide information about the type of x-ray radiation sources (such as radionuclide name, strength of radioactive sources)? ...

    • 徵求英文達人--x

      ... X can only cause the damage to the body? A: Certainly. X ray radiation can injure the cell, although the micro spoke beam injury, is very quick...