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  1. X-ray unit

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    • 有關time文章的英文翻譯

      Vital signs at Philips' new health-care unit are strong. Imaging technology such as X-rays and ultrasound scanners as well as devices for monitoring patient...

    • 英翻中!請幫我看看這篇文章

      ..., medical institutes, biotechnology units, and other facilities involved in..., such as those generated during X-ray examinations, must be stored, ...

    • 英語中 a 的疑問

      ...honest man (誠實的人) 4. ____________ X-ray photograph (X光照片) 5. ____________ NATO official (北大西洋...7. ____________ vacuum tube (真空管) 8. ____________ unit of lesson (一課) 9. ____________ unsolved problem (尚未...