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    You barely have time to make it

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    • 英文題目,單選

      "Did you make sure that the destination ...correct?" "I would have if ___ the time, but I barely had time to check in." (A) to have (B) it is (C) there...

    • 英文翻中文....感謝

      沒有想法 它是一種共同的現象亞裔學生在獨立認為缺乏 訓練。 一個知名的例子使用了對refiect怎麼學生在 東方被教育如下去。 當她在一個 亞洲國家,觀察類一instmctor從Westem國家被衝擊了。 在圖畫班,老師展示了方式畫貓, 她然後要求學生畫一,也是。 對於觀察員的意外...

    • 英文翻為中文 還有簡體子也翻為瀪體字謝謝

      ...這災難 but reality has got the... would listen to my heart and...'ll make a promise to ...each day just like it was the last time I'll ever see your face again/今後的...